Feedback is highly appreciated! We would like to hear your opinion on the software, how it behaves (were you surprised or expected something else?), on the algorithms, on the example data package and also on this internet site.

Please do tell us if you find any problems with the software. If we don't know of issues we obviously can't fix them!

You can reach the developers of ClusterViz via the Sourceforge contact site for the project under

There are extensive differentiated contact possibilities. Please choose the most apt one. If it seems to you that we don't react to a files bug or a feature request please don't hesitate and notify us via mail.


You can use the forums to discuss issues related to installing or using the software.


Should you find any bugs in ClusterViz you can use Sourceforge's bug tracking system to file a bug report.


In case you have any improvements for the software already implemented in code it is higly appreciated if you submit them in form of patches here.

Support request

Are you struggling while trying to use the software? Go to this page and issue a support request.

Feature request

Do you have any constructive wishes on what should be added to the software? Please file a feature request at this page.